September was yet another busy and productive month for the QTemp team. We’re in the homestretch, and we’re now tying together some final details before shipping the QTemps. Get ready for some news as we update you on the following:

  • Electronics Boards
  • Enclosure
  • QTemp Apps
  • Shipping Confirmation

Electronics Board

We got the first electronics board samples in early September. Fortunately, they required just a minor revision. We got the final assembled boards this week. We are testing all of them one by one before packaging to make sure they work perfectly.



QTemp’s enclosure is made of an anodized aluminum surface and black plastic. Although we originally only promised a gray color, we are now able to incorporate different color options. You can choose your preferred color: orange-red, gold, or gray.

QTemp Apps

The new version of the app was ready to go out in the second week of September, around the same time that Apple officially released iOS 10. We decided to postpone the new update for a couple of weeks to make sure that all iPhone users would have a smooth experience. The final design is compatible with iOS 9 and 10.

We uploaded the new version to the App Store and Google Play last week. The iOS version will be available for download by the end of this week. The Android version was published last Friday. We will release the Windows Phone version later.

Shipping Confirmation

The QTemp device comes in three colors: orange-red, gold, and gray.  Please email us at  your preferred color. Also, double check your shipping address. We expect to ship the QTemp devices by mid-October!