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Comfable Launches its AI-Powered Wearable Sun Tracker, Sun Index™

The Sun Index Wearable Sun Tracker has launched on IndieGoGo to helps users find a healthy balance between natural vitamin D production and sun protection.

TORONTO, ON — (March 8, 2018) – Just over a year after their first successful Kickstarter campaign, Comfable has just introduced its new and improved sun safety wearable. The Sun Index wearable is a small device with a sleek design that users can easily attach to their clothes or accessories.

The Sun Index device tracks sun exposure and the companion app uses AI technology to give personalized sun safety recommendations based on the user’s skin type. It warns users when they are about to get a sunburn so they can apply sunscreen or seek shade. It also tracks vitamin D intake based on sun exposure, dietary and supplemental sources to avoid vitamin D deficiency. The app is already helping thousands of people worldwide make better decisions about their sun exposure.

1 in 5 Americans and 1 in 7 Canadians develop skin cancer, mostly due to overexposure to the sun. Sun exposure is also responsible for 90% of preventable skin aging, including the development of wrinkles and sagging skin. On the other hand, 75% of Americans are vitamin D deficient. The vitamin is an essential nutrient for our bones and muscles, sun exposure being a major source of production. Sun Index is designed to address these worldwide problems.

“As a postdoctoral researcher focussing on urban climate, I was struck by the dangerous effect that UV rays have on the human body,” said Dr. Neda Ghazi, founder of Comfable Inc., makers of Sun Index. “We gained huge traction after launching the first generation of Sun Index. We then spent months collaborating with customers and professionals to redesign the Sun Index device and make it even better.”

The Sun Index app is a top sun safety app on App Store and Google Play, and is already helping thousands of people worldwide stay sun safe. 

Contact Info:
Name: Neda Ghazi
Organization: Comfable Inc.

Fact Sheet

  • February 2016: Completed a successful Kickstarter Campaign
  • June 2016: Launched the beta Sun Index app
  • October 2016: Released final Sun Index app
  • November 2016: Launched QTemp wearable device and shipped to customers
  • March 2017: Started product development of Sun Index device (Generation 2)
  • May 2017: Launched “Sunscreen Features” on Sun Index app
  • November 2017: Launched Skin Analyzer feature on Sun Index app
  • September 2018: Launched the Sun Index device and shipped to early customers

About Comfable Inc.

Comfable is a Toronto-based dynamic and innovative tech company dedicated to promoting health, comfort, and sustainability. Thousands of people are using their first sun safety product to stay safe in the sun. Their latest product, Sun Index, is the key to avoiding sunburn, skin cancer, and vitamin D deficiency, which affects millions of adults worldwide.

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