Sun Index™ | Optimizing Sun Exposure

Finding the right balance between preventing sunburn and vitamin D deficiency.

Sun Index

Be sun smart with Sun Index™. Reduce risk of sunburn and skin damage with the wearable tracker. Monitor UV exposure, vitamin D levels and get personalized advice.

How It Works

Protect yourself and your loved ones from the Sun

As an advanced AI-powered wearable, the Sun Index device monitors and analyzes your sun exposure in real-time. The algorithm combines your current sun exposure with your skin type, environmental situation and sun safety habits to give you tailored recommendations.

Sun Index

Avoid sunburn and sun allergy

Manage your vitamin D levels

Sun Index

Start your sun safety journey with the Sun Index™ App

Start your sun safety journey with the Sun Index App

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“It not only aims to protect you from sun-induced skin damage, but also make sure that you’re still getting a healthy amount of vitamin D, which comes from sun exposure.”

Luke Dormehl, Read full review

“The clip-on device makes sure you’re getting enough sun, but not too much.”

Husain Sumra, Read full review

“Using artificial intelligence the sun tracker is capable of monitoring your exposure to the sun allowing you to balance your vitamin D intake and sun exposure.”

Julian Horsey, Read full review

“It is a clever tracker that’s designed to remove the guesswork by keeping tabs on sun exposure, even giving you a buzz when it’s time to head for the shade.”

Nick Lavars, Read full review

Trusted by 100,000+ users worldwide

The 2nd generation Sun Index wearable based on the feedback of over 100K users. The Sun Index wearable is powered by built-in UVA & UVB sensors and smart alert technology, and also works as a stand-alone device.