Beauty takes preparation and daily care. Summer is right around the corner and we should put on sunscreen everyday to protect our skin from skin aging, wrinkles, and worse, skin cancer. If you look on the back of any sunscreen product, you’ll notice it often says to reapply every couple of hours. Applying sunscreen once isn’t usually enough. Just like makeup, it can come off throughout the day for various reasons, such as touching your face or even talking on your phone.

If you’re spending a day at the beach or a park, it might be easier to reapply sunscreen every couple of hours. However, many busy women just prep their faces in the morning and do touch ups throughout the day. We want to avoid having to take everything off and reapplying all of our makeup. Therefore, we want an easy solution to reapplying sunscreen.

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First, and most importantly, it’s important to have a good, even sunscreen base. This means before applying any makeup in the morning, you should apply sunscreen evenly throughout your face and neck first. Remember, layering is the key here, so it’s important to use makeup products that have UV protective properties. Here are three ways you can reapply sunscreen throughout the day.

1. Sunscreen Powder

Sunscreen powders are lightweight and can control the oiliness by absorbing the grease off of the skin. Powder can provide you with even coverage. You can find powders that come in different shades to match your skin tone for a nice blended-in finish. There are some powders that have water-resistant qualities, which can come in handy for rainy days.

2. Sunscreen Cushions

Sunscreen cushions originally became popular in Korea but have also penetrated the North American market. It’s convenient and like powder, it’s easy to ensure even coverage.

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3. Sunscreen Mists

There are a lot of sunscreen mists in the market. However, mists are the least preferred option. When it is just sprayed directly onto your face, you cannot get an even coverage and your skin will be exposed to harmful UV rays. To ensure full protection, you must first spray a decent amount onto your face or hands and then use your fingers to spread out the sunscreen evenly across your face.

You can scan the barcode of sunscreen beauty products using the free Sun Index app (available for iOS and Android) to see if the UV protection properties are right for you. The app can also give you reminders to reapply sunscreen and how much to put on, customized to your size and clothing choice. To stay safe in the sun, you should also consider UV protective clothing and wear proper sunglasses.

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