We hope you’ve been enjoying QTemp™ Lite and that it has helped you to stay sun safe this month. We’d love to see photos of how you protect your skin from the sun – please share them with us on Facebook and Twitter using #QTemp! Get ready for some news as we update you on the following:

  • New Logo
  • QTemp App
  • Manufacturing
  • Miscellaneous

New Logo

As you probably know, our initial app logo was very simple (red box with “QT”). After some discussion, we decided to revamp the QTemp logo to make it more mature and to have it encompass sun safety. We came up with a sleek new design which you’ll be able to see in an upcoming app update!

QTemp App

Thanks to your great feedback, we’re constantly making changes to the QTemp apps to make your user experience an exceptional one! Some exciting changes were included in our most recent app update. We enabled the Sunscreen Reminder feature, which was previously only available for QTemp Pro. Now, QTemp Lite users can also get reminders when it’s time to reapply sunscreen. Now you can also pause your Time To Burn countdown. If you go inside, pause the countdown and resume when you go outside again for a more accurate countdown. We’ve also included the Profile feature, which allows you to manage Time To Burn and Sunscreen Reminders for up to 5 different people.

Right now, we’re working primarily on the speed and quality of Bluetooth connectivity. This is our main challenge at the moment and we’re working hard to make sure that the device and app run smoothly together.

Based on your comments, we’ll be making some changes to the app interface in the near future. We’ll be removing the intro page to make the app load faster upon opening. We’ll also be removing the bottom toolbar and instead, users will be able to swipe horizontally between the Homepage, Time To Burn page, and Forecast page.

App Store

Google Play

Please continue to update your QTemp app as the updates become available, and send your comments our way! Please take a few minutes to leave us a review as well. We really appreciate it!


During this month, we printed and tested the final prototypes to check the functionality and features of QTemp, such as low power consumption (implemented in the design last month), data logger, battery reader, etc. The electronics team has also been working on Over-The-Air Update during this time. The QTemp prototypes and firmware have been tested and troubleshooted to provide you with the most effective and user-friendly wearable weather station.

We’ve prepared the manufacturing documents and are in talks with the manufacturers. We’ve also invested a great deal of effort into making sure the device runs smoothly with the app. Two main challenges we are facing include establishing a fast and robust BLE connection and downloading log data at a faster rate. Our team is working hard to overcome these challenges so that our users can experience a flawless connection and fast service from QTemp!

We’ve also refined the enclosure design to make it simpler for manufacturing. We’re collaborating with a Waterloo-based startup for building the aluminum part. Giving priority to local companies and small business is part of our philosophy. Waterloo is just one-hour drive west of Toronto. The city has a strong technology sector with hundreds of high-tech start-ups.


On July 26th we had a booth at the We Are Wearables Toronto meetup. We had a great time showcasing QTemp to local early-adopters and checking out other wearable innovations in our area. Our booth was busy with people eager to see how the sun “sees” them. Our sun simulation/UV camera demo always gets great feedback! Below are some photos of the event: