We’re excited to announce that version 1.4.68 of the Sun Index™ app is now available for download on the App Store and Google Play! In this app update, we’ve implemented a major feature that we’ve been striving towards since designing the app: the Dynamic Time To Burn feature.

Originally, the Time To Burn value was calculated once, based on an initial measurement of the UV index taken by the Sun Index device. We now refer to this functionality as Static Time To Burn. In this new update, you’ll be able to opt into Dynamic Time To Burn, where the value will continuously update to suit any changes in your UV exposure. You’ll be able to watch this value change in real-time as your environmental surroundings change. For example, when cloud cover increases or decreases, or when you move into or out of a shaded area.

We recognize that this feature increases battery consumption, which is why we’ve made it an optional feature. If you wish to conserve battery on your devices, you can still use the Static Time To Burn feature. However, using Dynamic Time To Burn will help you to be more sun safe.

In this update, you’ll also be able to view your daily sun exposure history based on the shading on the home page. This feature works for all reading intervals, but if you choose a reading interval of 1 minute, your sun exposure history will be more accurate. You can change your reading interval by going to Settings.

We’ve also made upgrades and bug fixes to the Data Logger and Data Saving. Please download the latest version (iOSAndroid) of the QTemp app and let us know what you think!

Also, check out our YouTube videos here and here to learn more about how to use these new features!