From wall-sized TVs to robo-friends, some of the hottest and trendiest products of consumer tech were launched at the recent CES in Las Vegas. The CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is the largest consumer technology show of the year, where companies from across the globe gather to showcase their latest technologies and innovations. Like last year, the skin care industry saw some incredible breakthrough technologies unveiled at this year’s CES. Here are 3 of the coolest innovations we’ve seen at CES 2018 that are transforming the skin care scene.

If you’ve kept up with skin tech trends, you may already know about the smart mirror, HiMirror. Back better than ever, HiMirror has launched their new HiMirror Mini at CES 2018 after combining with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. HiMirror Mini snaps a picture of you to analyze your skin condition, identifying skin problems like wrinkles, pores, and dark spots. It also keeps an ongoing record of your skin to track your skin goals and the results of your used products. Through Alexa, it can also play customized skin care and makeup video tutorials and even play music and help shop for skin care products.

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Next up, we’ve got Neutrogena with their new skin-scanning gadget, the SkinScanner. The device attaches to the upper part of an iPhone and presses directly onto your skin, where it uses a combination of LED lights, magnifying lens, and sensors to measure your skin’s moisture level, wrinkles, and pores. The scanner syncs to the Skin360 mobile app, which can track the progress of your skin and give personalized recommendations.

The MiLi Pure II is another innovative tech-enabled tool that measures your skin moisture levels. This skin moisture meter tests your skin’s hydration levels by pressing against the skin for a few seconds. It connects to a mobile app, where you can track records of your skin moisture content. You can even measure your skin moisture before and after applying a skin care product to see if the product is working for you. Mili Pure II also offers personalized skin hydration tips based on your age, gender, and skin type.

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Besides these CES technologies, Sun Index is another awesome innovation that helps protect your skin from early skin aging and damage from the sun. Available for iOS and Android, the free app lets you know how long you can stay outside before getting a sunburn and how much sunscreen to apply based on your size and clothing choice. It even comes equipped with a Skin Analyzer, which analyzes your face through a quick selfie to give your skin age and skin health score.