August was a busy and productive month for the QTemp team. We’ve made significant progress and finalized some important details before manufacturing. We have parts from various vendors coming together to build each unit, and we’re happy to bring you a fantastic progress update.

  • New QTemp app design
  • Certifications
  • Manufacturing process
  • Shipping

New QTemp app design

Although we aim to send regular updates to make sure you have a smooth experience with the QTemp app, we haven’t sent any updates in July. While we always try to incorporate your comments and feedback continuously as much as we can, this month our team has been busy working on the BLE connectivity for QTemp Pro, and we’re also working on a huge update which needs more time.

Last month, our electronic and app development teams were working together on BLE connectivity. Right now, the QTemp device connects to all iOS and Android devices, however, we’re still working on improving connection time.

We have a fast and stable connection between the QTemp device and iOS devices. However, we aren’t satisfied with our Android app. Our team spent almost a month on this without achieving satisfying results. We were worried that our project would fall behind schedule if we were to spend more time on connection time, so we decided to hire an expert consultant to resolve the Android BLE connectivity issue. We’ve achieved some improvements. Currently, QTemp connects to Android 6 devices in almost reasonable time. However, the connection between Android 5 devices and the QTemp device is not fast enough. We’re working with our consultant to resolve this issue. Hopefully, when we ship QTemp, all iOS and Android users will have a smooth experience.

In the current UI design, when you run the app, you have to tap on a button to opt into the Lite version, which uses data from an online weather station, or the Pro version, which uses data measured by the QTemp device. Then, we have two separate pages for weather data and safe sun time. Based on your feedback, we found out that we need make the app faster.

So, we made a fundamental change to the QTemp UI design. In the new design, you will get all data in a single glance. We’ve incorporated real-time weather data, sun protection tips, and sunscreen reminders, all in the home page. To access the weather forecast or previous days, all you’ll need to do is swipe horizontally. You can easily switch between the Lite and Pro versions by tapping the Bluetooth button at the bottom of the screen.

We’re really happy with the new UI design, and we hope you will be too! We’ll release the new update on the App Store next week, and after a couple of days, we’ll release it on Google Play.


We’re pleased that QTemp has passed all FCC and IC certification tests. Even though we had confidence in our design, we needed to test the QTemp device in accredited labs to meet regulatory requirements. TUV SUD Canada conducted all required tests to make sure that QTemp is safe for our users and ready to be manufactured.


Our electronic partner manufacturer in Toronto is going to deliver us the sample boards next Friday. After our test and approval, they’ll assemble all boards. If nothing goes wrong, we should have the assembled boards by mid-September.

The most time-consuming manufacturing process is the plastic enclosure. We’re looking into different options to be able to expedite this process to get QTemp to you sooner. Since we’re covering QTemp with anodized aluminium, we have the option of using different aluminium colours. We haven’t decided which colour we’ll use yet, but once we narrow our choices down, we’ll send you a survey so you can let us know your preferred colour.


So far, our production is on schedule. We’re hoping that our partner manufacturers won’t face any problems and the manufacturing process goes smoothly. We’re aiming to ship the QTemps by the end of September as promised. Stay tuned for the survey that we’re going to send out in a couple of weeks. A lot of you have asked us to change your shipping address. We currently don’t have any shipping addresses from our backers – filling out the survey is the only way to let us know your shipping address. We’ll send another update once we send out the survey.