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Sun Index

Discover the first AI-powered app that frees your mind from sunburn concerns.

Download the free Sun Index App to get personalized recommendations, tailored to your skin type, on how to avoid sunburns and balance your vitamin D intake.

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Enhance Your Sun Safety Experience

The Sun Index App works without the wearable device. However, you can enhance your sun safety experience with our Sun Index wearable device, which tracks your personal UV exposure in real time for more accurate recommendations.

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Very useful app, especially if you burn easily or have small kids you wane to keep from sunburn.
Dermot Canniffe
I love knowing the uv meter everyday and the app syncing w ur location and telling u wat to wear. It also tells u how long before u get uv damage or burn and how much lotion to apply for protection.
Ifetayo Rasberry
I have had melanoma, so I’m very diligent about monitoring my sun exposure. This app is awesome!
Melissa Haddad, Your Content Goes Here
Like wow, it tells you exactly how long you can stay in the sun without getting burned while taking account of the uvi at the time of day, gives you a sun forecast, and more. I can’t wait for them to sell the uv tracking bracelet.
Laura Q, Your Content Goes Here
Great way to track UV exposure, especially in regions you haven’t been before. I will definitely be using this during the summer to make sure I don’t get too sunburned.
Allison Smith
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